2012 and the Bible Code

Michael Drosnin, author of the Bible code indicated in its first edition that there are Bible codes that indicate the end of the world would take place either in 2000 or in 2006. Likewise, as you might have noticed, this failed to happen. So what about 2012 and the bible code? At www.theantichristidentity.com/stargate.htm we are offering one of the most controversial reports to address this concerning the link between 2012, the UFO phenomena and the stargate agenda.

You see since Drosnin predictions appeared to be phony, those who believe fervently in the Bible codes took aim at his techniques. They saw how Drosnin was consistently finding encoded messages - but his examples had skips of thousands of letters to create ďthe encoded message.Ē

Additionally, since he was an admitted atheist, ascribing this phenomenon to a far superior intelligence (clearly obsessed with the Torah, but ironically not the Hebrew God), made Drosninís claims more unbelievable.

Certainly, many believed Drosninís strange perspective sucked him down a rabbit hole. To Bible Code enthusiasts, Drosnin was, at best, a learned crackpot who had an interesting way with words, biblical words in particular. At worst, he was a fraud.

Not long after Simon and Schuster published the book, The Bible Code, Eliyahu Rips posted on his web site that he did not support Drosninís contentions and felt his many examples were not in fact accurate or representative of how one should use the technique. Does this mean that that there is no credibility with 2012 and the bible code claims.

Additionally, one of the team working with Rips was Doron Witztum, who on June 4, 1997, released a statement on the Internet worrying that Drosninís lack of scientific methodology would upset the legitimacy of the Bible Code phenomenon.

Witztum was proven right; soon academics at other institutions sought to discredit the notion of finding hidden codes in the biblical text through the ELS technique. Scanning through a Hebrew version of Moby Dick, one debunker composed sensible phrases telling of assassinations and other horrible events using the ELS technique.

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Despite the fact that there are now academics that believe you can find codes 2012 bible codes using ELS in just about any novel you choose, the ELS coding/decoding schema as it pertains to the Bible hasnít been discredited. In addition, itís important that the original supporters of the ELS notion discredited Drosnin themselves, indicating the fault is not in whether ELS exists in the Bible, but how one goes about looking for such patterns. Since the time the most torrid debate concluded, scholars who believe there are hidden messages encoded in the Bible have begun to establish guidelines for what likely merits attention and what doesnít.

So what should we conclude about the 2012 Bible Code and its ability to predict the end of the world? Most experts suggest that using the Bible Code to pinpoint Doomsday is certain to fail. This is so because its primary use is not prophetic. It exists to underscore that the Bible has a supernatural author. It authenticates (validates) the Scripture as Godís Word or special revelation to us. Because these codes couldnít happen by accident, the author must have abilities far surpassing human intellect.

Therefore, since the Bible claims to be authored by God through His prophets (in the Torahís case, through Moses), it would seem illogical to suppose that itís mistaken about its own authorship. Indeed, how could the Bible contain so much evidence of supernatural foreknowledge, perhaps detailing scores of future events, but be dead wrong at the outset regarding who wrote it?

Given that both sides of the argument make strong points, what should we conclude about the Bible Code? As fascinating as it is and although potentially useful if not revelatory, the Bible Code is not intended to decode Doomsday. Likewise, most Bible scholars would say that the Bible Code doesnít predict the future at all.

Even though the Bible proffers vast numbers of prophetic passages throughout its pages, the Bible isnít a tool of divination. The Bibleís doesnít hide its prophecies - the Bible exposes them openly and makes them available to the public. In short, decoding Doomsday through using Bible codes doesnít seem to be what the original encoder, the Hebrew God, had in mind.

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