2012 End of the World Prophecies

Bible Code scholars claim that the 2012 end of the world prophecies are predicted in the Bible Code.The idea that the Bible Code in fact exists is a reasonable conclusion given the many sources that support the assumption of divine inspiration. God may have chosen to provide additional validation that the Bible is uniquely his Word and merits our admiration and adherence.

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There are many prophecies in the Bible that millions consider proven true today and through the course of several thousand years have caused millions more to argue on behalf of the divine nature of the Bible and the accuracy of its prophets. Additionally, we should note that many believers in the Bible Code were initially highly suspect until they examined the evidence for themselves whereupon they became doggedly convinced. Furthermore, it's no small point that many of these supporters are intelligent scholars who are also specialists in code breaking- and ciphers.

Nevertheless, declaring the Bible Code to be a genuine prophetic source is problematic. It’s open to considerable speculation regarding what it predicts given, there’s so many possible interpretations to different ELS sequences. Plus, it's still a new aspect to Bible science. Taking a stand claiming we should seek encoded prophecy in the Bible Code (looking for events yet to happen) appears out-of- bounds even among its staunchest advocates.

Other prophecies related to the 2012 end of the world prophecies such as Novelty Theory and the prevalent interpretation of the I Ching remain ambiguous as far as defining both what is being asserted and why the assertions are worthy of consideration. Novelty Theory says that change will continue to increase at an exponential rate until change reaches a “zero point” (or perhaps an infinity point) where major change is constant. Today's interpretation of the I Ching proposes a similar end point when we reach this state (which is one-day later than the end of the Mayan Calendar). We’re told that both discoveries point to either a radical transformation of life on earth.

The other side of the argument suggests that the 2012 end of the world prophecies may be a great time of war and destruction. Today's Mayan shamans, taken from Lawrence Joseph’s discussion with the Barrios brothers, are seriously worried about cataclysmic events in 2012.

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Based upon a cosmic sign from the stars {Venus eclipsing the Pleiades in the noonday sun on December 21, 2012) and his interpretation of certain pyramid prophecies, Patrick Geryl is off looking for a safe place to ride out the storm of 2012.

Likewise, hundreds of the rich and perhaps famous (and some governments) are convinced that- a catastrophe of the first order of magnitude will occur, probably motivated by the fear of the predicted solar storms of 2012. They are busy retrofitting missile silos and constructing livable apartments to shield themselves from the coming disaster. It certainly appears that for every 2012 enthusiast you find anticipating a transformation of consciousness, you can hit upon a doomsday prophet who warns of the vast destruction to transpire at exactly the same milestone.

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