Are The 2012 Mayan Prophecies True?

Wherever you go these days, you canít seem to escape the media hype concerning 2012 Mayan Prophecies. While many ancient civilizations are said to have predicted dramatic and devastating changes on this date, it seems as though the Mayans are mentioned the most. This is largely because in reality they are the only civilization to give a specific date.

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The date in question is December 21, 2012 which is the date when the Mayan calendar ends. This has led to wide speculation about whether or not there is any significance to this date.

When it comes to the 2012 Mayan Prophecies, there is nothing given to us that is specific, although there is a tablet which depicts the end of the current era on this date. This leaves the event largely open to interpretation, so while certain individuals are expecting the end of the world to occur on this date, others see it as merely a time when mankind will reach his next stage of spiritual development. Much of this talk began during the 1950s when anthropologists began to believe the completion of the calendar had a significant meaning to the Maya.

In 1966, Michael D. Coe made what may have been the first assertion that the Maya believed that the end of their Long Count Calendar would also mean the end of the world. Although this belief would gain much attention leading up to the present day, there is still a majority of scholars who state that the end of the calendar would have been a time of celebration for the Maya and nothing more.

Besides the rumors of doom and gloom associated with the 2012 Mayan Prophecies, there is an increasingly growing group, largely from New Age circles, which holds to the belief that this year will not be the end of the world, but will instead mark the beginning of mankindís next stage of evolution. There is talk of a coming global consciousness shift which will lead mankind into the New Age of Aquarius. These ideas can be traced back to the 1970s when New Age authors began speculating about the subject.

Jose Arguelles was, and still is, one of the more prominent voices in this movement. He has written on the subject for decades and although he did not originally choose a date, he settled on Dec. 21, 2012 in the mid 1980s. During this time he stated that earth was going to pass through a great beam in the galaxy and that the Maya were aware of this and had planned their calendars accordingly.

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Discussion concerning the coming of a New Age in reality predates these authors and was made popular by theosophical writers such as Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky. These two authors could in reality be the true motivating factor behind the current 2012 Mayan Prophecies phenomenon as the elites have been preparing mankind to accept radical changes in everyday life as a result of their writings.

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