Bible Prophecies Fulfilled

Foretelling the future is a risky business yet the bible stands firm on bible prophecies fulfilled. Just prior to the 1980 presidential election in the United States, the Saturday Evening Post interviewed five leading astrologers in the country and asked them to predict the outcome of the party conventions and also of the November election.

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Five candidates were in the running at the time - President Jimmy Carter, Senator Edward Kennedy, former Governor Ronald Keagan, Former Governor John Connally, and Senator Howard Baker. As we know, the Democrats nominated Jimmy Carter to run for the presidency, and the Republicans nominated Ronald Reagan.

In light of Reagan's landslide victory both in the party conventions and in the number of electoral college votes, the Post article makes very interesting reading. Some of the prophecies were extraordinarily ambiguous. One astrologer said that Carter's chart indicated he would be facing a new beginning of some sort In November. Brilliant. Anyone could have made a guess like that. Another astrologer said that with so many unknowns there was no positive way In predict a winner. At least that was honest

Another trying to play like a seer of bible prophecies, thought that ďa dark horse" might perhaps enter the race and change the election picture. There was no hint as to who this mysterious dark horse might be, though even a wild guess would have been more to the seerís credit than such cautious ambiguity.

More interesting than the obvious hedging were the bold plunges taken by some of the astrologers. One thought that Carter could not win by a landslide. Since he lost by a landslide, that was some prediction. The same astrologer also predicted that the outcome of the election would either be very close or Carter would lose. One wonders why he could not have foretold Reagan's overwhelming victory. Another false prophet looker! at Connally's transits for the time of the election and said that they were excellent and that he could be the winner. We now know that Connally never even made it as a candidate to the party convention. Another prognosticator declared that the final race would be between Connally and Kennedy, neither of whom even won their party's nomination. All of which shows what a precarious business prophecy is.

Secular historians who venture into prophecy do no better than the soothsayers, psychics, and stargazers who are popular In our society. HG Wells was a well-known futurist novelist in his day and the author of a best-selling book on world history. He once tried his hand at foretelling the future of the Jewish people. Wells was an avowed enemy of the Bible and the Christian faith, and his ignorance of the bible prophecies being fulfilled did not help him much with his prophetic vision. Writing from an imaginary point in the distant future, he said:

"Between 194C and 2059, In a little more than a century, this antiquated obdurate culture [Jewish ] disappeared. It and its Zionist state, Its kosher food, the law, and all the rest of its paraphernalia were completely merged In the human community. ... Their attention was distracted from Moses and the promise of Abraham, and the delusion that God made His creation For them alone, and they were taught the truth about their race."

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Zionism, of course, was a growing voice in world affairs when H, G, Wells wrote that. What he did not foresee was the triumph of Zionism in the rebirth of the present state of Israel in 1948, nor did he have any comprehension of the place the Jewish people have in the plan of God.

Despite the attempts by secular historians and astrologers to predict the future, the bible stands firm in its accurate forecasting of bible prophecies that are being fulfilled in this generation. Prophets such as Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and John wrote of specific bible prophecies which have been fulfilled and are yet to be fulfilled,

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