Bible Prophecy and 2012

Bible prophecy scholars are always looking for stronger defenses for the faith. For instance, if we believe that science has made a discovery to help prove intelligent design we are quick to make the most of it. This is the reason why bible prophecy and 2012 is so important.

At we are offering one of the most controversial reports to address this concerning the link between 2012, the UFO phenomena and the stargate agenda.

We rejoice if archeology unearths something proving a challenged detail in the Bible to be true. Often feeling attacked by modernism from every angle, this is our predict-able recourse. However, when it comes to whether prophecy in the Bible supports the 2012 prophecies, a word of caution is in order.

There are many predictions coming from many different sources from around the world, from different periods of history, and from different peoples. There are the prophecies of Nostradamus and the predictions of Newton. There is the Zoharís testimony that the Messiah will come to the Jews in 2012, the prophecy of St. Malachy that thereís only one more Pope before Rome is destroyed; and although weíve chosen not to discuss it, there is Webbot which a few believe has a good track record in predicting cataclysms. It too warns of 2012.

All of these voices harmonize that something big will happen in 2012 thus putting into the radar the question, what is the position of bible prophecy and 2012. Itís compelling that so many voices sound the same alarm. Itís almost incomprehensible that, in spite of these many voices from many continents and many different times, nothing will come of it. Indeed, the probability seems impossibly low that nothing alarming will transpire in 2012 regarding apocalyptic events.

But given that these voices are from sources that are pagan or outside the auspices of Judeo-Christian orthodoxy, itís a big mistake not to exercise discernment. The possibility for a massive deception is real, particularly if you believe that there are spiritual forces at play that mean us harm. For fellow Christians who may be reading, please take my caution into advisement. For casual readers and the undecided, please be clear that 2012 isnít disclosed in the Bible as a date of particular import.

It can be seen that there are interpretations of selected bible prophecy passages, particularly the Book of Daniel, which may lead some to conclude that the ďfinal seven years of human history as we know if may be kicked off in 2012. The probability is clearly higher than at any other moment in the past 2,000 years, given the many voices predicting something big is about to happen and that we can do the math showing select dates to be particularly portentous.

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Nevertheless, a yellow light of caution should be flashing brightly. If weíve learned anything, we should surely recognize that predicting Doomsday is a tricky business; thereís no reward for being accurate and thereís penalty aplenty for being wrong.

Having made that point clear, I nonetheless believe that the likelihood for something significant to happen in 2012, as it relates to the apocalyptic future, is more than possible - itís probable. 2012 may be a year like no other. I, for one, will sleep with one eye open.

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