Bible Prophecy in the News 2012

If you have an interest in the end times then you will most likely be looking out for bible prophecy in the news 2012 since the bible’s prophecies about what will happen during these last days seems to be gathering pace. What are some of the major prophecies which are now under the spotlight and which are increasing the focus on bible prophecy for 2012.

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America and Socialism: We have all witnessed the Obama antichrist theories floating around the internet however what is more important is reviewing the policy changes that the Obama administration has made since moving into office back in 2008.

It is clear that may of Obama's policies on welfare, health care and social reform share a striking resemblance to the policies that were part of the Soviet Union ideology before the collapse of the Berlin War. Many political commentators believe that Obama is slowly but surely subjecting America to a socialist doctrine which will ensure American policy has little resistance to the arrival of a one world government.

European Union: Watching the developments in Europe also make for an interesting time as we see bible prophecy in the news for 2012. The collapse of the national economies of the likes of Greece, Italy and other nations has caused a significant debate as to what the future of Europe will be. Will a two speed Europe evolve in which the inner core is composed of ten nations? does the present crisis allow for Germany to seize full economic control of Europe and move forward in the development of a new German Super power? Will a collapse of Europe lead to a major world economic downturn? There are many questions unsolved as we watch for the bible prophecies in the news for 2012.

UFO Phenomena: Another major focus will be on the rise of the UFO Phenomena. The Hollywood box release of movies such as Knowing, Artificial Intelligence,The Fourth Kind, Signs and others are sensitizing the masses to the fact that there could be another extra terrestrial intelligence which is more developed and evolved than humankind. In addition, the reported increase of human sighting of UFOs is all contributing towards a possible disclosure which could take place over the next several years.

2012 Doomsday: However far more than any other topic is the big debate regarding the 2012 doomsday and Mayan prophecies. There is much focus on whether there is any link between the bible and the predictions regarding December 21st 2012. Over the last twelve months a significant number of books have been published based on mathematical models and bible code like formulas justifying that we will witness a significant calamity in December 2012.

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These are only a few of the many factors we believe will make bible prophecy in the news 2012 so critical over coming weeks. Are you aware that there is a free 25 page report you can download which actually goes into more detail regarding the keys issues for 2012 on bible prophecy news. There may be some surprises.

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