Codex Alimentarius Conspiracy

For the planned world government the penetration, in all aspects of life, is an important condition for central control and the Codex Alimentarius Conspiracy is the initiative being used to accomplish this aim. This means that there is no place for the traditional production of food in the global and deregulated world economy. The traditional farmers are in the way of the plans of the power behind the scenes! In the future New World Order the farmers are superfluous.

At we are offering one of the most controversial reports to address the relevance of this to the coming one world government and new world order.

Through meticulously executed cancellation of taxes and financial aids and the opening of the free market, we have come to an overproduction of butter, meat and many other products. This caused a shift in power from arable fanning and stock* breeding to the international food industry and big trade corporations. The traditional farm has been pushed aside by (he big specialized companies.

The objectives of the Illuminati (including the Codex Alimentarius Conspiracy) have been agreed upon in the World Trade Organization (WTO) to which all European governments compelled themselves. In the end, all the market forces in the food industry will be eliminated, and each product will have a fixed price on the world market. This will mean the end of independent farming as we know it. First it will affect the farmers, then complete regions and then... the consumer.

For years, all sorts of food has been dumped on the world market against minimum prices, causing farmers to go bankrupt. They are driven away from their land, which falls in the hands of banks and corporations. This development is going on all over the world. In the past couple of years alone, two million farmers have gone bankrupt in the United Slates.

The percentage of agricultural land has been reduced by fifty percent in the seven original countries of the European Union. In 1999. the number of farms with more than two hectares was reduced by five percent. In 2000. 300,000 jobs were lost in the agricultural sector. In Europe, forty percent of all farmers live below the poverty line!

In 1960, Germany had two million farmers. In 1980 there were only half a million farmers. These frightening changes are no coincidence. They are all part of a cold-blooded expropriation of land and of trade monopolization... the way of the future. Could all this be just coincidence? In each case the mad cow disease (BSE) and the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) arises had the exact result the ruling power was looking for.

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The Illuminati saw the crises as a way to destroy a huge part of the arable farming and stockbreeding sector. No other government has misused crises to oppress agricultural politics as much as Germany. Both the Schroder and Kohl administration followed the agricultural reform course of the European Union commission in Brussels, and with that they turned Germany into the biggest agricultural grave digger of Europe.

The farmers associations have also pulled wool over the eyes of their gullible supporters. The dubious wording used to justify their actions was comparable to that regularly used by politicians. It is crystal clear Chat the EU politicians have in fact killed almost all traditional agricultural structures in Europe.

Today, the production and processing of food will be handled by a few cartels and the food trade limited to some central international companies under the guise of the Codex Alimentarius Conspiracy. Soon the complete control over food will be managed by an organization called the World Food Authority, an  institution that will be like the United Nations. This institution will decide over the division of food. It will be able to decide over food shortages and even famine wherever and whenever one wants.

Interestingly enough there is a free 25 page report you can download which addresses the movements today of the global elite which are setting in foundation the coming one world government and new world order including Codex Alimentarius.

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