Current Events and Bible Prophecy

Current events and bible prophecy are the key to understanding how to interpret and decipher the mainstream news that is reported to us on a daily basis. It is important to understand that the media which reports to us are controlled by tycoons and organizations that are part of a network that feed us information that they want us to hear. Therefore the key to making sense of the meaning of major political and economic events is to understand them in the context of world news and bible prophecy.

At we are offering one of the most controversial reports to address the relevance of this to the coming one world government and new world order.

What is clear is that we are witnessing a major increase in the intensity of global events which are really shaping the direction of a coming one world government. Current events focusing on world religion, a global currency and the need for a new economic order are all major signs propelling us towards a one world economic system as mentioned in the various biblical prophecies.

For instance one of the most incredible events to take place over the last 2 years is the emergence of the interfaith agenda headed by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. How can the head of an Islamic state which abides by Sharia law head an interfaith agenda where he is seeking to bring together all of the world religions? It would seem a significant paradox concerning Islam's position on other religions, until you understand that the agenda for a world religion has a demonic origin and so it has the ability to over turn even the most impossible scenarios that we would think could not be changed.

Another example is the financial chaos that has erupted in Europe with the debt crisis triggered by Ireland, Greece, Portugal Span and Italy. From a secular perspective one would think we were witnessing the complete disintegration of the European union yet and understanding of current events and bible prophecy tells us that Europe will rise to become the last major empire and super power before the return of Jesus Christ.

We can be assured that the chaos will lead to further requirements for tighter and closer political and economic union even if it means some countries have to be left behind.

A final example is the increasing spotlight on the Obama Administration, European Union and United Nations all calling for the need of global regulator to control the world wide web as a means of controlling the content on the internet. This is yet another example of how the abolition of privacy and reduction of personal freedoms such as free speech are far from immune to the big brother agenda of total control.

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Current events and bible prophecy are also a confirmation of the validity of the Bible and the Christian faith. During the last fifty years the authenticity of the origins of the Bible and the Christian Faith have come under severe attack in this modern age of enlightenment and access to information. However because the bibles prophecies of the end times are being fulfilled it comes as a significant defense to the validity of the bible and its message to mankind.

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