Endtime Bible Prophecy

Endtime bible prophecy is one of the key channels to understanding the events which are happening in today’s world. The last five years has witnessed a significant intensity in the signs of the times which are proving that we are indeed living in the last days.

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The global banking collapse of 2008 was one of the most profound events to totally reshape the way that the big brother agenda is being forced through upon us. Whereas before the abolition of privacy and reduction of personal freedoms was being pushed through in a concealed manner, since the global banking collapse of 2008 the global elite are not even hiding anymore how the agenda is being pushed through which is in fulfillment of bible prophecy.

For instance there have been significant meetings held by the Obama Administration as well as the European Union and the United Nations regarding the need for there to be a global police force that regulates the world wide web. Yet we all know what this means is under the name of “counter terrorism” this is an opportunity for the global elite to have the power to seize control of websites which they believe to be not only a threat to a society but also websites which shine the torch on the corruption and sinister agenda of their very own new world order.

Another major change has been the way that Barack Obama has been exerting significant pressure on offshore tax havens to break their secrecy laws and reveal the names of companies and directors who hold offshore accounts that are undeclared in the United States.

The fact that Switzerland one of the great bastions of banking privacy with banking laws over 100 years old could crumble in the face of an onslaught by the Obama administration is a key sign that control over money will soon be 100%. All money will eventually be traceable within the electronic banking systems in a way that offshore tax havens and banking privacy will become things of the past.

Endtime bible prophecy has also helped us to understand the events happening in Europe with the chaos around the debt crisis triggered by Greece and Italy. To a secular onlooker one would have thought that the European Union was beginning to disintegrate yet from a prophetical perspective we know that the chaos will simply act as a catalyst for the European Union to push forward even greater political and economic union.

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One of the key aspect of endtime bible prophecy is that it ensures we are aware that the global elite use chaos as the means by which to bring in new policies to further their end goal. For instance there is great controversy over how the police in the UK handled the August 2011 riots when many felt that the police were not heavy handed during the first few days.

There are rumors that they want the riots to exacerbate to the point where they could then use this as excuse to put through measures to gain access and control of third party systems such as the black berry messaging system which they believe was one of the key communication devices used by the rioters to organize themselves.

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