Eschatology in Islam

In light of the recent Middle East crisis and the rise of Muslim fundamentalism from North Africa to Indonesia, it is worthwhile to attempt to understand eschatology in Islam, the beliefs that underlie the profound political, military and religious movements in this critical area of the world.

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The signs of the approaching apocalypse found in the Koran fall into two different groups: The lesser prophetic signs and the greater prophetic signs. The greater signs are as follows.

1. There will be supernatural signs in the heaven, including the rising of the sun in the West, a special eclipse of the moon and smoke filling the whole earth.

2. There will be war with the Greeks (Europeans) and the capture of Constantinople by seventy thousand Jews; during the victory the Antichrist will arise.

3. The Antichrist, called al Masih al Dajjal (the false or lying Christ) will come; he will have one eye and be marked on the forehead with the letters CFR, which stands for Cafer or infidel; he will be the last in a series of antichrists; the Jews will initially accept him as Messiah ben David, believing he will be the one who will restore the kingdom to them; the Antichrist will appear near Iraq and Syria, will ride on a colt, will be followed by seventy thousand Jews, will lay waste many places, and finally be killed by Jesus who is to encounter him at the gate [the sealed Eastern Gate].

4.  A terrible war will be fought with the Jews involving the Muslims and barbarians from Magog (Yajuj and Majuj); they will drain the Sea of Tiberias for water and attack Jerusalem; Jesus and God will together destroy the army and a great sacrifice will be provided for the animals and birds; it will take seven years to burn the weapons until God cleanses the Earth with rain.

5.  Jesus w/ll descend to Earth somewhere near Damascus, defeat/the armies of the Antichrist and kill him; after that, Jesus will provide great security, prosperity and peace; all hatred and malice will be destroyed and nature will be tamed, with lions and lambs at peace.

6. The Al Madhi will come, believed to be a direct descendent of Muhammad the Prophet (Muhammad Abu’Ikasem), the last of the twelve Imams (spiritual leaders) born in year 255 of Hejra (the Arab calendar).

 Although there are a number of unusual features to eschatology in Islam, many of the prophecies were borrowed directly from the Old or New Testaments. Prominent places are given to Jesus, the Antichrist, the Millennium, and the war of Gog and Magog. Since Muhammad quoted from the prophets Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, Isaiah, and Jesus, it is not surprising that so many features of Jewish and Christian apocalyptic are found in his writings.

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So what is the purpose of eschatology in Islam and could this somehow be used by God to bring revelation to Islam of the truth. The book of Revelation says that during the terrible period known as the Great Tribulation, 144 thousand Jewish witnesses from the twelve tribes will witness to the whole world about the approaching Kingdom of Christ and the coming King.

The prophet John said that the response to the teaching of these witnesses and the supernatural proclamation of the angelic messengers will lead to the greatest spiritual revival in history. John describes “a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the Lamb” (Revelation 7:9). Later, the angel identifies this immense group as “the ones who come out of the great tribulation” (v. 14). It is probable that the greatest response will come from among the millions of unreached peoples, including Muslim and Hindu countries where over half of all humanity live.

It seems likely that the teachings about Jesus and the Antichrist in the Koran could be used by the Lord to prepare the Muslim people to accept the truth of the gospel message preached by the witnesses during the Tribulation period.

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