EU Prophecy and the Revived Roman Empire

The EU prophecy is one of the most significant aspects of understanding how the present illuminati one world government system is coming into place.

At we are offering one of the most controversial reports to address the relevance of this to the coming one world government and new world order.

Since 1957 and the signing of the treaty of Rome the European union (previously called the common market and the European community) has embarked on an unstoppable quest for super power status. Even with the recent EU debt crisis where countries such as Greece, Ireland and Italy have placed a significant strain on the European Central Bank, the European Union has declared that in order to progress forward there must be closer political and economic union even if it means some countries being left behind.

Thousands of years ago a prophet named Daniel interpreted a vision of the leader of Babylon at the time, Nebuchadnezzar. In the dream was a great image which had four sections to its body all composed of different metals. Whilst the head of gold, arms and chest of silver and thighs of brass refer historically to the past empires of Babylon, Medeo Persia and Greece it is the legs of iron and ten toes of iron and clay which are of great significance as far as the EU in bible prophecy is concerned.

The legs of iron have universally been accepted as representing ancient Rome with some even suggesting that the two legs symbolize the fact that the roman empire had two capitals. One in Rome and other in Constantinople or present day Istanbul in Turkey. However there is a great debate regarding the ten toes for the scripture declares that the coming of Christ coincides with the destruction of the ten toes indicating a modern day revival of the Roman Empire.

Many believe that the European union is a precursor to the coming fulfillment of this final revival of Rome.

The plot also thickens because the European Union has also formed another alliance called the Mediterranean Union which is composed of the southern nations of Europe and the north African nations and nations of The Middle East which are geographically located around the Mediterranean basis.

The importance of this is that all of these nations were part of the original ancient roman empire so it would almost seem that there is an intention here to replicate the boundaries of the ancient roman empire by the EU seeking to create a union with other nations outside of Europe who were also part of the old roman empire

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It is interesting to note that Paul Henri Spaak one of the early leaders of Europe after world war II stated that Europe should receive a man of great leadership to lead them into peace and prosperity and whether it was god or devil he would receive him. A chilling reminder of what ultimately will happen when the roman prince that is to come will take over the European super power and fulfill his role as the Antichrist or man of sin.

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