The European Union Prophecy

The rise of the European union has been a significant factor over the last sixty years and is one of the reasons why European Union Prophecy is such a major aspect of understanding the end times.

In 1957 the treaty of Rome was signed which brought together a group of European nations into a collective club known as the common market. Through the addition of more European countries it became known as the European Community and of recent time is now known as the European Union.

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The focus on Europe is largely brought on by the vision of the great image that Nebuchadnezzar, ruler of Babylon, had in which he asked the prophet Daniel to interpret the vision for him. Daniels interpretation was that the four compartments to the body of the image represented different world empires that would come and go from Babylon all the way down through Medeo Persia and Greece to the Roman Empire.

The interesting thing about the Roman Empire is that the vision highlighted that the dominion enjoyed by the ten toes of iron and clay would be ended by the Second Coming of Christ. Whilst the legs of Rome are interpreted as being in reference to ancient Rome, the ten toes have been interpreted as being a revival of Rome as a latter day power composed of ten nations within the region of the European Union.

Other scriptures such as Revelation 13 and Revelation 17 seem to indicate that these ten nations are not only united politically and economically but also from a military perspective. It is thus of great interest to see that the European Union is not only discussing a total revamp of Europe after the debt crisis in Greece, Ireland, and Italy but that the revamp needs to lead to much more closer and integrated political and economic union as well as closer union in terms of an European foreign defense strategy.

The importance of European Union Prophecy is also because the bloodlines of the illuminati have for long used Europe as their strong hold. The black nobility have long known to be families in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands who believe they are the descendants of King David and thus heirs to an empire to come.

Within Europe we also have the Roman Catholic Church exerting its influence over Europe in a bid to recreate a Holy Catholic Roman Empire and establish the Vatican as a leading power broker in the quest to create a one world government.

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Probably one of the most prominent features regarding the European Union Prophecy took place in May 2010 when the European Union received an approval within the United Nations to address the UN with country status which means it has now the power to make proposals and submit amendments. None of the other non country entities present such as the Vatican, the Arab League or the Asian Pacific league have this status. This is further evidence that the European union is fast evolving into the United Sates of Europe as prophesied by the bible.

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