Is Pope Benedict the Last Pope?

The prophecy of St Malachy was first published in 1595 by a Benedictine historian, Arnold de Wyon, in his book, Lignum Vittie. However, it’s significant that Bernard of Clair-vaux wrote a biography of the Bishop, but makes no mention of the prophecy. Since Bernard wrote this work in the 12th century, logically it suggests that no prophecy existed then. Is pope benedict the last pope?

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Nevertheless, as John Hogue points out (Hogue has also written a book on the St. Malachy prophecy), it makes no difference whether St. Malachy or Nostradamus set forth the predictions; the prophecies are valid if history proves them true. 112 popes were predicted. So far, 111 predictions out of 111 appear to be correct. Only the final pope, number 112, who the prophecy identifies as Peter the Roman, remains to be verified.

So is pope benedict the last pope? According to the prophecy, the final five popes are: the “flower of flowers” (Flos Florum, Paul VI);  “the midst of the moon” (De medietate lunae, John Paul I); “from a solar eclipse” (De labore solis, John Paul II);  “glory of the olive” (Gloria olivae, Benedict XVI); and “Peter the Roman” (Petrus Romanus, yet to be deter-mined). We must look into the names and the rationales for why these names historically match the prophetic titles.

John Paul I (De medietate lund; — the midst of the moon or from the half moon):

•    He reigned for 33 days, died before the new moon, and was born on the day of the half moon, October 17, 1912.

•    His name, Albino Luciani refers to “white light,” as Albino re-lates to white and Luciano, relates to “lucius” and “lux.”

John Paul II (De labore solis - “from a solar eclipse” or “of the la¬bor of the sun.”

•    Was born on the day of a partial solar eclipse over the Indian Ocean (May 18, 1920), and died on the day of a rare double ec-lipse over the southwest Pacific and South America (April 8, 2005). This appears to be the most convincing argument.

•  John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, labored “in the sun” in a quarry during World War II.

•    His special admiration is for the Virgin Mary, known as the Woman of the Sun in Revelation 12 (one depiction of her).

•    Traditional Catholics view Catholicism, post-Vatican II, as “the great apostasy” and see this time in which Pope John Paul I and II reigned as “the eclipse of the sun.”

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•    John Paul traveled around the world many times, following the path of the sun.

Benedict XVI (Gloria olives- “glory of the olive”) is the last short phrase on the list (which refers only to a name for a Pope).

•    The symbols of the order of St. Benedict include the olive branch. The Pope is not Benedictine, but chose the name Benedict.

•    Benedict XVI hopes to reunite the Greek and Russian orthodox churches, by “extending an olive branch.” Also, Greece is fre-quently symbolized by the olive.

•    Some point to the Olivet Discourse of Christ in Matthew 24, which speaks to the end times. Olivet refers to the Mount of Olives. Those who profess this view believe this Pope will be the Pope who sees these final events come to pass.

•    The Pope himself indicates the name relates to the legacy of Pope Benedict XV, who was known for diplomacy and conservative Theological views. Others suggest his intent is to lead a counter reformation returning to more traditional Catholic principles practiced prior to Vatican II.

Whilst the last Pope, Peter the Roman is sometimes dismissed as a later forgery, the only extant version of de Wyon's publication includes the phrase of this final prediction. It reads:

"Peter the Roman will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed and the fearsome Judge will judge his people"

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