Is the Madhi The Antichrist?

One of the most intriguing questions of recent times in bible prophecy is the question of is the madhi the antichrist?

Since the notorious September 11th attack on the Twin Towers in New York and the London Bombings of 2005, the profile and exposure of Islam has never before been greater than it is now. For instance the gulf war in Iraq and the ongoing battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan, the growing nuclear threat from Iran, the rise of the arab spring revolutions across Tunisia, Syria, Egypt and Libya and the horrific Norwegian massacre (in which the killer stated he was seeking to wake Europe up to the Islamic takeover) are events that have all imprinted a specific image of Islam in our minds.

At we are offering one of the most controversial reports to address the relevance of this to the coming one world government and new world order.

Based on this premise a number of Christians scholars over the last seven years have taken advantage of this social conditioning by producing publications in which they give evidence that the Antichrist as prophesied in the Bible will come out of the Islamic world. Such a belief is in stark contrast to the prevalent view that the antichrist will arise out of the blood lines of the illuminati and a major European confederation of nations.

The belief of men like Joel Richardson is not only that the antichrist will arise out of Islam, but the biblical antichrist will be the Al Madhi who is the messianic world leader that Muslims believe will appear before the day of judgment and will help islam to conquer the world.

Richardson thus contends that whilst traditional views always seek to interpret bible prophecy from the perspective of looking at the developments within the European Union as a fulfillment of the coming revival of a Roman Empire, Richardson contends that we should be looking eastwards to the middle east as it is the Islamic block which will ultimately be the prophesied last days super power.

Such a belief whilst fitting in with the trend of the current time does encounter a serious of major theological and also historical challenges. For instance there is no doubt that since 1776 the agenda being followed by the Illuminati is one in which the ultimate aim to is to establish a one world government in which the control of power resides within European families of nobility who trace their genealogy to the time of Jesus Christ and King David.

The illuminati agenda leaves no room for Islam except that in the vision of one the early Illuminati leaders, Albert Pike, he stated that in order for a New World to be fully formed the power of Islam needed to be broken through a third world war which would create the conditions required for a new order to emerge with little resistance.

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