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One of the strongest evidences of the divine inspiration of Scripture is in the latest prophecy news and the phenomenon of fulfilled prophecy. The Bible is unique among the religious books of mankind in that it dares to predict future events in great detail. Other religious writings, such as the Koran or the Veda, do not contain detailed, specific prophecies.

The reason for this is that it is impossible to consistently prophecy specific future events with real accuracy unless you are God. It is only when we come to examine the Bible that we find hundreds of detailed prophecies concerning various nations, events and individuals covering thousands of years.

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Modern day secular prophets do dare to make predictions but they have a very poor record of accuracy compared to the latest prophecy news. The more specific their prediction, the more certain it is to be wrong. Anyone who attempts to prophesy specific events will be confronted by the staggering odds against success created by the inescapable “laws of mathematical probability”. Human wisdom will fail to accurately predict even a simple 50-50 proposition, such as who will win a football game.

To appreciate fully the difficulty of making detailed prophecies such as those found in the Bible, let us consider the comparatively simple task of predicting the precise score of tomorrow’s football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New York Jets.
There is one chance in two that the L.A. Rams will beat the N.Y. Jets. That’s fairly easy to guess correctly. But what will the final score be? Assuming that most football scores are between 1 and 50, the chances of guessing correctly that the L.A.. Rams will have a particular final score (say 42 Points) at the end of the game are one chance in fifty.

The odds are the same one chance in fifty of course, for predicting the N.Y. Jets’ final score. Therefore, to sum up the risk of basing our reputation on predicting tomorrow’s exact football score, we simply multiply the probabilities: 2 x 50 x 50 = 5000 possible score totals. This analysis shows that there is only one chance in 5000 that you will correctly pick the precise final score; that is why you would not bet a month’s pay, let alone your reputation, that you would make such an exact prediction.

When you consider the difficulty of predicting accurately such a simple thing as the final score of tomorrow’s football game, you can readily understand why no one, except God Himself, would dare to risk His claim to the divine inspiration of His Word, — the Bible, on such a risky undertaking—humanly speaking—as predicting future events in great detail through the understanding of the latest prophecy news.

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Current so-called “prophets,” such as those you read about in magazines, understand the odds against making such accurate predictions. They are too “wise” to risk their reputation for psychic ability by an attempt to publicly predict the actual score of a football game. Such “prophets” are content to predict that “someone who is either a member or friend of the Royal family will come close to death or injury in the next few years.” Considering that there are perhaps as many as twenty people within the Royal family, the odds are perhaps one in three of such an event transpiring with such a vague prediction.

If anyone connected with the Royal family, even a friend, is injured, the newspapers will claim this to be “an amazing psychic success” and the “seer’s” reputation will remain secure for those who are easily impressed. If these “prophets” could truly predict events with any degree of accuracy, any stockbroker would be delighted to show them how they could easily earn millions of dollars each month on the stock market.

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