New World Order

One of the most widely known conspiracy theories is the one concerning the bringing about of a New World Order. While there are many different opinions about just what the NWO is, there can only be one true interpretation.

On we are offering a report which may very well be the definitive report on the subject. This meticulously researched report will provide you with incontrovertible evidence that powerful groups are truly working behind the scenes to bring about world government. Weve left no stone unturned including the Islamic Mahdi, Merovingian bloodlines, and the Maitreya, and much more.

Before we go on however, allow me to explain just how this report came about. During the 2008 presidential election, we were commissioned by one of the leading churches in the USA to research these New World Order conspiracies, particularly the ones concerning Barack Obama. It seems that their church had been flooded with phone calls from concerned people who expressed their concern that the man may actually be the antichrist spoke of in the Bible and other religious writings.

After assessing over 4000 pages of documentation we were confronted with the sickening discovery that while Obama is not likely the antichrist, he may very well be the most dangerous president in US history.

George Bush Senior gave a speech in which he mentioned a big idea, a New World Order, and continued to use this term for the rest of his presidency. This term has been used by many other public figures in the 20th century, even H.G Wells, who penned a book of the same name.

Many people see this global government as the Beast prophesied in the Biblical book of Revelation which will lead the world into an era of unprecedented suffering. Our research has led us to believe that elite international organizations, namely the CFR, Bilderberg group, and the Club of Rome, are actually in the process of bringing about world government.

Just like in the movie The Matrix, you have an opportunity to take the blue or the red pill. The Antichrist Identity report we offer on will provide answers to your questions and provide you with concrete proof of a sinister New World Order plot of world domination by a ruling elite.

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A 25 page report, which lifts the lid on the fact that Obama's election as US President had everything to do with a masonic secret agenda for the islamic nations of the Middle East and Africa.


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