Of The Illuminati

As the state of the world continues to decline, it is becoming more common for people to begin wondering about the secrets of the Illuminati. Is there really a covert plan to bring about a one world government? If you are tired of wondering and would like answers, we are currently offering an insightful report on our Web site, www.theantichristidentity.com  This report is packed with scholarly research; we name names and provide hard evidence that there are indeed elitist groups planning to take over the world.

Our report covers a wide range of topics, such as the secret agents of the Illuminati: Barack Obama, Prince Charles of Wales, Javier Solana of the European Union, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Hassan of Jordan, and many others. Youíll be shocked as you read about the dark side of Israeli Zionism, secret Merovingian bloodlines, the Islamic prophecies of the coming Mahdi, and a whole host of other topics. Now you can have scholarly resourced evidence at your fingertips, complete with hundreds of references so you can back up your claims and continue your own research.

Deep down inside, you are well aware of the fact that something is not right in the world, and that it appears as though sinister hands are at work. This report will help you to better understand what these forces are doing and what their end goal is for the world. The Illuminati conspiracy goes far deeper than anyone on our staff realized when we began this report, and the rabbit hole only goes deeper. Owning this report will not only save you hours of private research, but will give you access to information that the public is not privy to.

The report covers the controversial topics that most Bible prophecy ministries ignore:

Is the destruction of Islamís cherished Dome of the Rock required before the Masonic New World Order of the antichrist can be put in place?


Are major figures in the Israeli government freemasons, and what does this have to do with the nationís divine purpose?

Does Barack Obama really fit the Biblical prophesies concerning the antichrist, and why are so many major US churches silent on this issue? .
Are major technology corporations currently working on a microchip that fits the Biblical representation of the Mark of the Beast?

Each of these questions and many more are offered in this definitive report on the Illuminati conspiracy. In order to secure your copy of this report, visit us at www.theantichristidentity.com today. As this site is already under threat of being taken off the Web, if you want to be guaranteed a copy, it is imperative that you act now.

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A 25 page report, which lifts the lid on the fact that Obama's election as US President had everything to do with a masonic secret agenda for the islamic nations of the Middle East and Africa.


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