Project Bluebeam 2012?

The greatest goal of the Illuminati is to gain total control over the entire world population and Project Bluebeam 2012 is a major component! That is why they have invested billions of dollars towards this goal. They have several secret projects (also codenamed HAARP), among which are mind, physical and economic control of the world. One of these projects takes place at a military base in the wilderness of Alaska, northeast of Anchorage, near Gakona. This project bears the official name High-Frequency Active Aurora Research Program (HAARP).

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According to the official HAARP website, this project is about scientific research focused on studying the qualities and behavior of the ionosphere. With this research, special emphasis was placed on (the application of communication and observation systems for civil and defensive purposes. The description of the patent, however, staled an entirely different research aim: "Method and equipment to change the atmosphere, ionosphere and the sphere of power regionally.”

Project Bluebeam takes part in committing some of the biggest crimes against humanity ever. There is no justification for it, as there is also no justification for developing atomic and chemical or biological weapons. The technical installation in Alaska basically consists of several functions. The most interesting one is the Ionosphere Research Instrument (an installation used to change the ionosphere). The Ionosphere Research Instrument, in jargon called “Heater", is the most powerful high-frequency transmitter ever built The name "Heater" refers to the most important quality of (he installation; it radiates the ionosphere with enormous electrical charges that heat its top layer.

To heat this layer, ten to 100 billion watts are pumped into the atmosphere. Because of these electrical charges, artificial Northern Lights (or Auroras) can appear under certain conditions. The most powerful heating takes place in the F-layer of the ionosphere at a height of 200 kilometers. The partial and specific absorption of the electrical charge allows part of this charge to reflect back to earth in the form of Extreme Low Frequencies (ELF). These electromagnetic waves penetrate everything animate and inanimate. By transmitting these waves and other signals, the HAARP installation is able to significantly manipulate the consciousness of' a large part of the world's population. Some Project Bluebeam experiment successes include the ability to:

  • Alter the human psyche

  • Negatively influence the health of individuals

  • Disrupt human nervous systems

  • Artificially change the earth’s atmosphere

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There is also the possibility To penetrate the air, via chemtrailing, with the help of ionospheric lenses and mirrors, together with things: like toxic barium components that disrupt or shut down communications, electricity and electronic devices in selected areas.

The experiments of these projects also influence the migration of animals. Many dolphins, whales, sea lions and other mammals have died in the last few years. Of course the true cause of these massive deaths is not a consequents of disorientation or pollution of the seas, These sea mammals have a perfect sonar system that was disrupted by HARRP!

It is known that the Project Bluebeam also functions as a guard, a sort of worldwide radar. Together with this project. they also developed new weapons of mass destruction. These weapons have the same power as an atomic bomb but do not cause radioactivity.

The  installation is the most powerful weapon that the Illuminati have. HAARP was not only developed to aid in the manipulation of human consciousness, the regulated induction of pathogens, and the alterations of geophysics and ecologic systems, but also for global control of the climate. When thinking about the warming of our planet one should especially consider the secret experiments of our invisible elite. Of course nobody will ever think of blaming HAARP for the current changes in the climate; however the truth is that with HAARP, the top layer of the atmosphere can be artificially influenced.

Interestingly enough you can get further information on some of the latest developments regarding the development of HAARP. To get instant access to information on these weapons of the Antichrist simply follow the instructions below.

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