Is There Proof That Obama is the Antichrist?

Since the election of Barack Obama to position as US President there is an ongoing movement of groups who are providing proof that obama is the antichrist.

Many will remember the rapid rise of Obama during his presidential election campaign in 2008 in which he defeated Hilary Clinton to become the Democratic Candidate and then overwhelmed John McCain in the final election.

At we are offering one of the most controversial reports to address the relevance of this to the coming one world government and new world order.

However one of the most significant events to give fuel to the obama antichrist view was a political campaign ad that John McCain ran in which the ad played on the obama antichrist belief by fuelling peoples understanding that his rapid rise to power and his messianic status and hypnotic speeches. fulfilled the biblical description of a coming Antichrist.

However is there solid proof that obama is the antichrist or is this all just speculation and conjecture without any real solid evidence. A biblical analysis of the evidence submitted seems to suggest otherwise. It is more likely that Barack Obama is a pawn in the new world order agenda in which the policies he is implementing is turning the United States into a socialist dictatorial state.

Since coming into power Obama has been on a major war path against conservative talk radio stations, free speech on the internet and offshore tax havens. It would seem in all instances that freedoms and liberties are being eroded under the excuse of counter terrorism and security surveillance control measures.

Also the presence of Obama has created a dilemma for the Muslim World. Who can forget several years at the United Nations, the Obama entourage whisking him out of the main auditorium before then Libyan leader could get to him to hug him as his “muslim brother.”

The Muslim world is divided over Obama with some believing that his close ties to Islam makes him more approachable than the previous bush administrations whereas other see him as an apostate who has sided with the Zionist West. Yet it is these divisions that open up opportunities for the new world order to bring Islam under its umbrella.

However to believe that Obama is the actual antichrist is probably going one step too far. Firstly the biblical prophecies seem to suggest that the world government in its final form will not be led by America but rather an alliance of nations out of the geographical boundaries of the old Roman Empire. This suggest Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

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Secondly the antichrist is someone whom will be involved in the restoration of a rebuilt Jewish Temple and in whom the Jews will possibly see as the fulfillment of the Messiah. If Obama’s relationship with Israel is anything to go by it is far from being a messianic figure to the Jews who believes his stance on islam is too far from previous US presidents.

Interestingly enough there is a free 25 page report you can download which actually goes into more detail regarding the proof of Obama being the antichrist or not, the New World Order and the Middle East crisis.

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