You may not be aware but in 2011 there was a launch of a new prophecynewswatch type website called the Global Watch Weekly. This new website has made a significant impact on the bible prophecy community as one of the most dynamic providers of current events and bible prophecy news on the website.

At we are offering one of these weekly reports to address the relevance of the coming one world government and new world order.

The Global Watch Weekly is published every Friday providing over 20 pages of content on relevant news which has a specific agenda from a prophetical perspective. Since October 2011 over 25,000 people have registered for this free colour online publication which is miles ahead of all other bible prophecy newsletters.

The have been many releases of these prophecynewswatch type publications including the following:

Spotlight on the London riots which took place in August. There is a growing feeling that the hesitation by the police to confront the rioters early on created the conditions favorable for the implementation of new policies around the use of social media such as Blackberry Messenger, Twitter and Facebook.

Spotlight on the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards which took place on the 28th August in the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The edition examine the event and the undertones that accompany some of the biggest music artists in the industry.

Spotlight on the fact that the European debt crisis will spread to the United States, ushering in a dangerous global sovereign debt crisis. Despite the reassuring words of politicians throughout Europe, including Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as their counterparts in the U.S.A., this is a train wreck that cannot be prevented, and will transform a financial crisis and severe recession into a synchronized global depression.

Spotlight on the prince of Persia. The term of Prince of Persia also has a much more historical and biblical connection which throughout history now links directly to the country of Iran. During ancient times almost every foreigner referred to the entire country as PERSIA until March 21, 1935, when Reza Shah Pahlavi asked the international community to call the country Iran - a name that the people of Persia, themselves, used to refer to their country since the Sassanian period. "Iran" means "Land of Aryans".

The name Persia is still widely used by many Iranians (pronounced: Eeh-raa-niaan) worldwide as well as in many books, documentaries, movies. The prophet of Ezekiel in Ezekiel 38 declares a prophecy that there would be a future military conflict that would involve Iran and Israel which would take place during the end times.

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Spotlight on how over the last ten years video games being played on the Xbox, PlayStation and Super Nintendo and such likes are a totally different dimension of user experience. More importantly the games over the years have taken on more occultic undertones, sex and violence than previous decades. You have to wonder if this is coincidence or whether there is a sophisticated attack on our youth generation. We normally speak out against the messages conveyed by Hollywood and the music industry yet the video game industry is even more lethal.

Spotlight on the pharmaceutical industry and the constant evidence in the news that something is not quite right with this industry where there are more corporate crimes committed than any other industry. The fact is that only by returning to a biblical pattern will success be found with the healing of the diseases brought about by manís fall from grace.

Interestingly enough you can get free access to the prophecynewswatch type global watch weekly which shines the spotlight on current news and bible prophecy like no other.

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