Are you aware that in October 2011 there was a launch of a new raptureready type website called the Global Watch Weekly report. This new weekly report has made a dramatic impact and immediate on the end times prophecy online community as one of the most controversial and current providers of current events and end time prophecy news online.

The Global Watch Weekly is sent out every Friday afternoon to over 25,000 people worldwide providing them with some of the most interesting and controversial views on biblical prophecies.

Spotlight on the- December 21st 2012 doomsday theory. The concept is gaining momentum as many religious texts, historical documents and even NASA have ‘predicted’ that there will be major changes to the Earth in the year 2012. And with the help of celebrity believers including the always-reliable Mel Gibson joining in, 2012 has become the talking point at dinner parties everywhere. The Global Watch Weekly took a glimpse of the prophets of doom, rapture date setters and compares it to what the Bible states regarding date setting and the attitude we should have in regards to the second coming of Christ.

Spotlight on understanding some of the most satanically driven individuals in history whose influence on the direction of the New World Order has been staggering. One cannot truly grasp the seriousness of the world government agenda without understanding the movers and shakers who have contributed to it evolving over the course of the twentieth century.

You may question the relevance of this but when organizations like the United Nations, interfaith organizations and some of the worlds biggest music stars bear the evidence of these individuals philosophies, it is clear that we need to be alert and aware of what is going on around us. Yes, the new world order was conceived with the Order of the Illuminati back in the eighteenth century but none have advanced its agenda more progressively in the 20th century than these individuals.

Spotlight on the UFO phenomena. If you are an avid movie fan you will recognize the spiraling number of movies and dramas out of Hollywood which have focused on the UFO phenomena. Some of the most popular include Close encounters of the third kind, War of the worlds, The day the earth stood still, The fourth kind, Knowing, Independence day, The X Files, V, Artificial Intelligence and Fire in the sky. What is the Christian and biblical perspective. Is there a plan by the global elite to trigger a fake rapture.

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Spotlight on the masonic undertones in Hollywood. Whilst conspiracy theories will rage on as to whether Stanley Kubricks untimely death was linked to his last film, the truth is that Eyes Wide Shut is one of the most insightful productions out of Hollywood ever to shine the torch on the dark and murky world of secret societies. Why is Hollywood having such an increasing fascination with the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

Interestingly enough you can get free access to this raptureready type global watch weekly which shines the spotlight on current news and bible prophecy like no other.

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