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The world hurtles like a runaway train towards an abyss known as Armageddon—the final world war. Meanwhile, its passengers, ignoring their true plight, hold a party and pretend that the journey is peaceful and safe. They shut their eyes to recent prophecy news, evidence of impending destruction. They close their ears to the hard voices of history telling them that such times as these are precursors of disaster.

The Western world watched in smug complacency as the Soviet Empire, the most powerful military force in history, went through a tortuous collapse into anarchy and civil war. Naive commentators crafted grandiose plans of an immediate millennium of “peace in our time,” refusing to recognize that the Earth was teetering on the brink of World War III. Those who take the time to contemplate the condition of the world observe with growing concern the awesome armaments build-up in all nations.

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The potential of a cataclysmic war can quickly develop out of the unbridled ambition of dictators such as the late Saddam Hussein. This “butcher of Baghdad” swallowed up the country of Kuwait back in 1990, and defied the whole world to stop him. His boasts and threats not only focused on the United Nations alliance, but also on his hated enemy, Israel.

The devastation unleashed by Iraq’s war in the Persian Gulf both in 1990 and again in 2003 led to wholesale death, bombing, and ecological disaster with enormous oil spills and oil wells set afire. Yet, if the world were to read the Bible’s prophecies and recent prophecy news they would know that his aggressive defiance of the world is leading the Middle East to Armageddon.

Is there any hope for the world? Or will the century end in the worst disaster in human history? The recent prophecies in the Bible outline very clearly a series of events that will signal the final conflict of history. These incredible events will lead to the culmination of God’s great plan, the hope of the coming Messiah and the establishing of His kingdom on the Earth.

Among those prophesied events, the most prominent was the rebirth of the nation of Israel. This notable event began in the 1880’s. A wave of spiritual excitement began to course through the veins of Jews exiled into the many countries of the Diaspora. Young men and women packed their belongings and commenced the arduous journey back to their Promised Land.

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Wave after wave of immigrants endured the perils of enemy territory, persecution, extortion, and government opposition as they battled their way to their ancestral home. The small trickle of Jews became a stream and then a rushing river of returning humanity.

God promised that when the Jews began to return to their desolate country, the land would respond to the sounds of their feet and begin once more to yield its bounty to become the “land flowing with milk and honey.” Just as the prophet declared, as the people filled the land the heavens opened with ever-increasing amounts of rainfall year after year.

This century has seen the fulfillment of the prophecy, “Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain. The Lord will make flashing clouds; He will give them showers of rain, grass in the field for everyone”

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