Rothschild New World Order 

Mayer Amschel Rothschild the originator of the Rothschild New World Order, once said:

’’Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who writes its laws,” 

The Rothschilds have been closely involved with the global elite since the inception of this group. The oldest known Rothschild went by the name of Uri Feibesch who lived in the early sixteenth century, His great great great grandson was Moses Bauer, who lived in the early eighteenth century. A well-known ancestor of this banking family was Mayer Amschel Bauer, an asset manager in Frankfurt am Main. Among other things he represented the money and assets of sovereign Wilhelm von Hessen. He became very rich, because he attended to the conveyance of the capital that belonged to this sovereign during the French Revolution.

Mayer Amschel Bauer chose, without exception, women from very influential families that belonged to the global elite, for his sons. In the same way, his daughters married prominent bankers who also belonged to the global elite. All these families acted in the same way as the royal families: they married amongst themselves. Bauer’s sons were known as the “five Frankfurter”: they became bankers of five European countries.

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The private intelligence service, which was established by the first Rothschilds, saw to it that they could lay the foundations for their immense wealth and lay the foundation for a Rothschild New World Order. James Rothschild, founder of the French branch of this family, made the Parisian house the most powerful bank in Europe, because he was of service to the French rulers from Ludwig XVIII to Napoleon III. The Rothschilds became coalition bankers. The secret of their success was that they were able to execute fictitious money transactions in times when money transport involved great risks.

When we look back on all wars from the last three centuries, we’ll notice that they all ended in a certain balance of power. Every time a war broke out, a new foundation of power for the Rothschild house was laid. This way the Rothschilds could simply manipulate the wars by controlling the flows of money. If we scrutinize every country’s national debt throughout the course of history, we will see exactly where and when a certain country was manipulated by the Rothschilds.

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The American poet Ezra Pound translated it as follows: “Until you know who lent what to whom, you don’t know a thing about politics, you don’t know anything about history, and you don’t know a thing about international fights.”

Emperor Franz-Josef II gave the Rothschilds the rank of baron. The royal families and principalities couldn’t do anything without the Rothschilds. In 1885 the Rothschilds were raised to the peerage by the Austrian emperor and the Queen of England. Already at that time the fate of the nations was in the hands of the Rothschild's.

It’s a proven fact that since the Sixties, the Rothschilds divided their wealth, pro forma, as much as possible among many other persons and establishments. They did this on one hand to hide the real extent of their wealth and on the other to conceal their political manipulations of the outside world. For this purpose they used companies, businessmen, bank managers and other personalities to act as intermediaries.

Since 1900, and most likely earlier than that, the Rothschilds have determined where and when in Europe or elsewhere in the world, an exceptional economic development occurs. The exclusive control over the flows of money in the world by the Rothschilds is one of the best kept secrets of the modem world history.

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