The Antichrist in Revelation 

When the Antichrist in Revelation first comes to power in the west, Russia dominates much of the Middle East and large segments of Africa. Russia's domestic empire (If we include the various republics) stretches from Europe to the Bering straits and from the Arctic lo the Mediterranean sea and the Indian ocean.

At we are offering one of the most controversial reports to address the relevance of this to the coming one world government and new world order.

What Russia will be doing while the antichrist consolidates the West is unknown. Possibly Russia will be embroiled in a war with China, perhaps one of the wars mentioned under the seals or the early trumpets, By the time Russia is able to pursue her interests in the Middle East again, things will have changed. The West will be united under the antichrist and all its enormous military, economic, and industrial power will be harnessed by him, its supreme dictator.

The antichrist in revelation will have signed a pact with Israel that unconditionally guarantees Israel's frontiers and acknowledges Israel's right to rebuild its temple. The fury of the Muslim world can well be imagined. Russia will see an open door to new and decisive influence in the Middle East and will mobilize all its resources in an all-out attack on Israel. This seems to be the war that is brought about by these four angelic powers released from the Euphrates. Russia will be overthrown, and the path to world dominion will be cleared for the antichrist.

At this point the Holy Spirit draws attention to the fact that none of these terrible happenings brings men to their knees in repentance before God, On the contrary, they are hardened in unbelief. The collapse of Russia will bring a wave of wander over the world, however, and people will be forced to acknowledge that God is still sovereign. But that impression will soon fade. People once again will give themselves over to idolatry, crime, immorality, and pleasure. In his mention of ďsorceries" (Revelation 9:21) as being part of the now-emerging world picture, John used a word Hi Al points to a drug-demon culture. The foreshadowing of such a culture are In the world today.

At this point in the Apocalypse a lengthy parenthesis Is inserted. The blowing of the last trumpet is mentioned in passing in Revelation 10:7 but is not described until 11:15-19, The sounding of this Iast trumpet will bring about an end to the mystery phase of Godís dealings with men, and it will usher in his direct and wrathful intervention in human affairs. In the Apocalypse Godís wrath is connected with the vial judgments. All the rest is preparatory. 

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The antichrist in revelation will have three capital cities. When he first comes to power everything will be centered at Rome (Revelation 17j, his political capital the center from which he will unite and rule the West. Jerusalem will be his religious capital. His pact with the Jews will be a means to an end. He will want their temple rebuilt so that he can seize it and defile it in contempt for the living God, Babylon will be rebuilt and will become his economic capital (Revelation 18).

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