Turkey in Prophecy

What do we know about the modem nation of Turkey? Would modem Turkey have any reason to join with other nations and invade Israel as is prophesied in Ezekiel 38. Many scholars believe the evidence of Turkey in prophecy is due to the mention of Beth Togarmah in Ezekiel 38:6. Does the modern day position of Turkey fit with this.

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The language of the nation of Turkey is Turkish, and ninety-nine percent of the population is Sunni Moslem. The population of Turkey is forty-five million. The favorite saying of the Turks is, “Biz bize benezeriz,” which means, “We resemble ourselves.”

However, the Turks are coming more and more to resemble their neighbors. The modem nation of Turkey is truly a nation tom between two worlds. During the recent Persian Gulf Crisis the Turks sided with the West against Iraq, and were considered a key link in the war against the Iraqis. Turkey desires to have strong ties with the West, mainly for economic reasons. Traditionally, the Turks have not felt a special kinship with either the Arabs or the Persians (Iranians). They have mainly been drawn to their neighbors for economic reasons.

All this has begun to change with the independence of the five former Soviet republics in Central Asia. The names of these five former republics are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizian, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. This gives clues about Turkey in prophecy. While Turkey has clearly been drawn to these former Soviet republics for economic reasons, Turkey also shares strong linguistic and ethnic ties with these nations. All of these nations speak Turkic languages with the exception of Tajikistan, where the language is similar to Iranian Farsi.

Turkey views itself as the bridge between the West and the new Moslem states of the former Soviet Union. In a previous article in Time entitled “The Phoenix of Turkish Politics,” the previous Turkish prime minister, Suleiman Demirel, is quoted as saying,

Turkey’s position is more important than before. Anew window of opportunity has opened for us with the Turkic republics. They speak our language. We are urging them to remain secular and to switch to the Latin alphabet. We are trying to revitalize a Black Sea economic union to include both the Balkans and the new Turkic republics.

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An article in U.S. News and World Report highlights Turkey’s interest in central Asian nations.

Turkey is trying to carve out a new identity as the economic, cultural, and linguistic center of gravity that tugs this new frontier toward the West. In the process, it seeks to create a new “Turkic” world....“It is Atlantis rediscovered, ’’enthuses Gengis Chandar, a columnist with the Turkish newspaper Sabah. No one is exploiting the Turkish connection more enthusiastically than Turkey’s neo-fas- cist right wing, with the Turkish government’s tacit collusion. Prime Minister Demirel is flirting with Alpaslan Turkes, a former Turkish army colonel who helped engineer the overthrow of Turkey’s elected government in 1960 and who now heads the right-wing Nationalist Labor Party in parliament....“We would like Turkey to organize, operate, and coordinate among all Turkic groups in the world,” he told U.S. News.

Understanding Turkey in prophecy is by knowing the desire of Turkey is to be the Japan of the Middle East. Her interest is focused on the vast mineral wealth of the five former Soviet republics in central Asia. These republics are rich in gold, silver, uranium, oil, coal and natural gas. Clearly Turkey has economic, linguistic, religious, political and emotional ties to the independent Muslim republics.

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