What Will the Mark of the Beast Be?

Want to know what will the mark of the beast be? Well know that all possible information about us is already stored in computer systems. Within a limited period of time the leaders of this world will take a step further and will be able to check all our activities. The current state of technology makes it possible to control the entire world from one power center. For this purpose they have installed supercomputers worldwide. These computer are being used to store and check the personal information and activities of the entire world population. In an interview. Nicholas Rockefeller slated that the elite’s ultimate goal is to create a micro-chirped population.

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The machinations of the Illuminati are beginning to show more clearly. The elite's ultimate goal is to create a micro chipped population. The illuminati are able to advance their control over mankind because they are watching the entire world population. Electronic surveillance of the population has long since ceased being a theory.

Ever since the 9/11 attacks civilians haw become more aware of such invasive surveillances. Full body scans at airports and cameras in the streets today have become normal occurrences. We are now in the trial stage of the Illuminati. They have supercomputers and satellites that monitor daily human activity. The technology of satellite cameras is so far advanced that even from space they can distinguish such minute and specific details as the brand of softball being played with at a park or the make of a car. This technology was already in use in 1956. With a very sophisticated camera, die famous high altitude reconnaissance U.S. aircraft U-2 could look down from an altitude of 8 miles and read and photograph the headlines of a newspaper.

Global Positioning System (UPS) uses twenty-four satellites for orientation on and above the earth. These satellites are also used to monitor telephone traffic and computer communications. Because of the built-in computer chips in passports, credit cards and identity cards, anyone can be followed and monitored anywhere in the world. It won’t be long before there is no place left to hide. Once you understand this you will never have to again ask the question what will the mark of the beast be?

For years we have been told that the chip only ensures our safety and that it's primarily meant to fight terrorism causing good civilians to let down their guard. But who decides who qualifies as a terrorist? These chips contain our detailed personal information, making us a global community that’s completely under surveillance. This type of state control by far exceeds the visions of George Orwell!

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Soon, the first step toward total control of civilians will be taken. It won't be long before we will witness a world void of cash money, causing the current money and banking system to loose its validity. As said before the global meltdown is on his way. The global depression will lead to a one world currency.

Not long from now an electronic chip card will make cash transactions obsolete. In the near future all national currencies such as bank and credit cards will disappear. A "Universal Biometrics Card”, which will be used similarly in all member states, will be introduced soon.  However, the Universal Biometrics Card, which will contain all of our personal data, will not survive for a long period of time but will merely function as an intermediary stage for its successor, which has been awaiting its turn since the Seventies. No longer will anyone be able to ask what will the mark of the beast be?

The card will, of course, cause problems. One of those problems is what to do when the card is lost, damaged or stolen. There will be nothing one can do, as there will no longer be another tender. Our leaders will continue to first cause trouble, and then offer solutions which befit their aspired goal: a complete control and marking of each individual civilian by means of a microchip! This microchip is a minute plate that contains a unique identification number that will be linked to an external database containing additional information about the host of the chip in question.

Interestingly enough you can get further information on some of the latest developments regarding the evolution of the  Verichip and mark of the beast type biometric technology. To get instant access to information on the progression of a one world government simply follow the instructions below.

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