When Will the Antichrist Come?

The question of when will the antichrist come has been of significant debate for thousands of years.

One of the most dominant views today is the antichrist will come after an event that some Christians believe in known as the Rapture. This view is based on II Thessalonians where Paul in his writing states that the man of sin will not be revealed until a restraining influence is removed.

This has been interpreted to mean that the “he who letteth” is the Holy Sprit which resides in the Body of Christ and so the Body of Christ must be removed from this earth in order to allow the man of sin to take his prophesied role on earth.

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Others believe that the Antichrist will come as part of a staged  increase of public awareness to the UFO Phenomena. Some teach that the Antichrist will actually come as an ascended Master and so his appearance will be marked by a global awakening to the UFO and extra terrestrial phenomena.

If you study the teachings of Helen Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Benjamin Crème you will discover that the foundation of their Theosophical doctrine is based on there being a spiritual plane of ascended masters who will one day make a public appearance as part of a great awakening and spiritual cleansing.

Another view is that the Antichrist will emerge at a time of great crisis because it is a major global crisis that is needed to create the conditions for his acceptance. Some believe that this crisis could be caused by the rapture. For instance imagine the worldwide destruction that could take place when millions of people simply disappear.

A Christian pilot flying a plane or a Christian driving a car. All of these possibilities suggest that if millions suddenly disappeared it would cause not only significant paranoia but also\significant death and destruction.

Others have answered the question of when will the antichrist come by believing that the Antichrist will come as a result of a total collapse of the world economic system. Many have referred back to Paul Henri Spaak who supposedly made the statement at the bottom of this page.

Still others believe the antichrist will emerge after a great war. Many believe that the war of Ezekiel 38 and 39 where an Islamic alliance of nations headed by Russia decided to invade Israel for political and religious reasons but are actually destroyed in one\of the most brutal

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and incredible displays of Gods protection for Israel. Some believe that the vacuum caused by this war in which Russia and the threat of Islam is significantly weakened would create the conditions needed for an Antichrist to emerge and enforce a world government without little resistance

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