Where is America in Bible Prophecy

Many bible prophecy teachers have long sought to identity American in bible prophecy. The question is where is American in bible prophecy considering the role of America today as a world leader with the US dollars as the main international currency and the nations with the greatest influential presence in today's global politics and economics.

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According to many bible prophecy researchers the first place to start is the great seal in the United States dollar bill which is a mass of occultic and pagan symbolism. The symbols identify the United States of America as being the foundation of the new order of the ages and also represent something more sinister. Within these 9 numerals are 3 groups of 3 hence MDCCLLXXVI becomes “MDC”, “CLX”, and “XVI”. Taking the sub group patterns into separate Sub groups yields: “M.DC”, “C.LX” and “X.VI”. Taking the two sub group patterns into separate numbers yields “M.C.X” and “DCLXVI” which respectively represent “1110” and “666”.

The term new world order comes from the latin phrase novus ordo seclorum means "New Order of the Ages", but is sometimes translated as "New Secular Order" and is found on the American Dollar. "Novus Ordo Seclorum" was the motto suggested in 1782 by Charles Thomson, the Founding Father chosen by the Continental Congress to come up with the final design for the Great Seal of the United States.

The dilemma facing many bible prophecy teachers is that America has a split personality known as the chameleon complex. On one side of the fence are scholars who believe that America is a great Christian nation whose leaders are born again Christians and that it is the country’s biblical role to be the protector of Israel and the Jews.

Alternatively another viewpoint shared by other researchers seeking for where America is in prophecy is that  that the American government is controlled by a global elite and various power groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission who are run by men at the highest order of Masonic lodges with an intent for ushering in a global government in accordance with the aims of the Illuminati.

So although much of America's national heritage is overtly Christian to fully understand why America is in the state it is and why it does what it does this second coin side of its national heritage must be fully understood. On needs to understand the Secret History behind the founding of America and the fact that America has a strategic place as the Guardian of the New World Order.

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Additionally some bible scholars believe that America is seen in scripture with many referencing commercial Babylon in Revelation 18 as an actual description of America. Others also point to Jeremiah and Isaiah where there are scriptures which seem to refer to a last days resurgence of Babylon. For instance Jack Van Impe amongst others has long sought to justify that America is the commercial Babylon of Revelation 18 and that this scripture answers the question where is America in Bible Prophecy.

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