Where is the Antichrist Coming From?

The question of where is the antichrist coming from is one of the most controversial areas within the area of bible prophecy and christian eschatology. Below we detail some of the most prominent theories on how he will rise onto the world scene.

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Roman Catholicism: This view holds that the Vatican and Papacy is the seat of the Antichrist with some going as far as to believe that the Antichrist will be the last Pope before the Second Coming of Christ. During the time of the reformation when Church and State was united many of the reformers believed that the Papacy was the fulfillment of the Antichrist due its great wealth and wealth power, apostasy of Christianity and persecution of those who dared to stand up to its heresies.

Many groups such as the Jehovah Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists still maintain the views of the early reformers that we need to be looking at Vatican City as the emergence of the final Antichrist.

European Union: The most dominant belief regarding where is the antichrist coming from, especially in pre-millennial circles, is that the Antichrist will arise out of the European Union. This is largely based on the fact that the European Union came into existence in 1957 on the basis of the Treaty of Rome with an objective to create a United States of Europe in which ultimately all member states will be controlled by a single European central decision making process.

This has been seen as a fulfillment of the continuation of a Revived Roman Empire based on the prophecies in Daniel 2 and the succession of world empires. The creation of Van Rompuy as head of the European and the fact that recently the European Union was given country status at the United Nations, has led many believe to see this as evidence that ultimately the European Union is moving into is prophesied role.

Mediterranean Union: Some believe that rather than watching the European Union we should be closely watching the Mediterranean Union. This belief is based on the fact that during the time of the first coming of Christ, the Roman Empire not only conquered and controlled much of Europe, but by conquering the former Grecian empire had control of the Mediterranean basin which included North Africa and the Middle East.

The recent attempt by France to extend the European Unions influence within Africa and the Middle East through the creation of the Mediterranean Union is seen by some as the proper fulfillment of a Revived Roman Empire which represents both eastern and western side of ancient Rome.

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Middle East: There has been a recent wave of bible prophecy teachers who are teaching that the Antichrist will be a Muslim and that we should be looking eastward and not westward. This view is largely based on a belief that the Al Madhi spoken of by Muslims as their long awaited world teacher shares an uncanny resemblance to the biblical Antichrist.

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