Where is the Antichrist Now?

The question of where is the antichrist now is one of bible prophecy’s most asked question. However it is not only a question which has been at the forefront of our minds during recent times but it has been a question which has been asked across the centuries.

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During the time of the apostles and the early Church Fathers many believed that the Antichrist would arise out of the ancient Roman Empire as one of the Caesars. In fact during the reign of Nero many actually believed he was a fulfillment of the Antichrist referred to in John's book of Revelation.

During the middle ages when the Roman Empire lost its influence as a world power and the vacuum was taken over by the Roman Catholic Church, many of the reformers believed that the Antichrist would arise out of the Papacy.

In fact many in their writings believed that the pope of their time was indeed the Antichrist and that the Church slaughtering of millions who dared to stand against her false teaching was seen as a fulfillment of the prophecies in Revelation about the beast making war against the saints and overcoming them.

However in recent times, books and reports written about where is the antichrist now have justified modern day figures such as Barack, Obama Javier Solana, Prince Charles of Wales, Prince William, Otto Von Habsburg, Juan King Carlos of Spain and others.

Some believe that the Antichrist could be a spiritual type figure such as the Lord Maitreya or one of the Ascended Masters referred to in the theology of Theosophy and the New Age Movement.

Another school of thought is that the Antichrist is actually a process by which a fallen angel presently imprisoned in the bottomless pit will be released and then indwell the body of a human subject to create the prophesied false Antichrist. Many of you will have watched the movie End of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger where at the beginning of the film a demonic spirit possesses the body of a man whilst he was in a public toilet.

Still other believe that with the increase in the UFO phenomena that the Antichrist could actually be an extraterrestrial or one of the annunaki who many secular historians believe came to earth thousands of years ago and had a significant influence over the Sumerian culture.

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The truth is that its impossible to address the question of where is the antichrist now in just this article alone. What we do know from scripture is that he will rise out of the confines of the old Roman Empire. There is debate as to whether this is the roman western European side or the what is called the Byzantine eastern side of the Islamic nations.

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