Where Will The Antichrist Come From?

The question of where will the antichrist come from is one of the most asked questions in the area of bible prophecy. However this is not only a question for modern times but historically throughout different phases of church history, this question has always been a major controversial matter for discussion.

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During the times of the apostles and as far forward as the early Church Fathers, there was a profound belief that the Antichrist would arise from the Roman Empire. The testimonies of many of the early church fathers generally expected the Antichrist to rise to power very soon after the fall of the pagan Rome empire during their own time.

When political Rome decayed and lost its influence as a world power it was papal Rome which emerged as the new world power and during the rule of the papacy many of the offshoots of the reformation began teaching that the Antichrist was actually the very Pope himself.

This belief was obviously borne out from the significant wealth, power and influence that the Church exerted over the whole of Europe in forming what is commonly known as the Holy Roman Empire.

It was only since the so called “public” demise of the Papacy and the return of major political figures such as Napoleon, Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler and Saddam Hussein that the question of where will the antichrist come from has focused more significantly on political leaders who have made a significant contribution to world history.

Of very recent times the controversy has thickened with some bible prophecy teachers now believing that the Antichrist could be Barack Obama Prince Charles of Wales, Prince William, Javier Solana, Otto Von Hapsburg or some leader to emerge from the Islamic world. But does the Bible give some indication and is there enough clarity to know exactly the location that the Antichrist will come from.

Daniel Chapter 2 probably represents the best source of biblical information regarding the geographical location through which the Antichrist will emerge. In Daniels vision of a great image he sees that the image is composed of four major elements, Gold, Silver, Brass and then Iron. History has proven that each particular element represented a succession of past world empires which were Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.

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However whilst the Roman Empire decayed and eventually lost is position as a world super power the Bible gives an interesting perspective that the ten toes which are also of iron would be existent at the time of the second coming of Christ. This indicates a revival or re-mergence of the Roman Empire in some form

Interestingly enough the bible also states that the ten toes are party iron and partly clay. What this clay represents is of huge debate because it clearly is something of non Roman origin. Some believe this final super power could be the European Union, the Mediterranean Union or the Arab League since the Roman Empire not only conquered Europe but also North Africa and the Middle East.

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