Who is the Antichrist

The question of who is the antichrist has been on the people’s minds more than ever as the world seems to be headed towards a one world government. Deniers of a New World Order scheme are finding it increasingly difficult to defend their position as even the major news outlets and prominent politicians such as Henry Kissinger and Gordon Brown are speaking about it out in the open.

At http://www.theantichristidentity.com we are offering what is perhaps the most comprehensive report on this subject.

Unless you happened to be living in a cave during the 2008 election, you probably heard that many people had concerns about Barack Obama being the ‘Son of Perdition’ who is prophesied in the Bible. As an international political researcher, I remained skeptical when I first began hearing these allegations.

I personally found his story to be inspiring, a man whose rise to success was reminiscent of Martin Luther King. However, when I and 5 other political analysts were contacted by a prominent American church, I answered the call. Before I knew it I was steeped in over 4000 pages of documentation.

Our research group would spend the next 7 months going over this evidence in order to determine for sure whether or not the antichrist will be Barack Obama. Our conclusions were more shocking than we could have imagined.

We will tell you upfront that Barack Obama is not the antichrist in our opinion; however, from the evidence we have seen it is clear to us that he is a pawn in the game and has a part to play in the New World Order strategy. In fact, after seeing the evidence, we truly believe he may be one of the most dangerous US presidents in the nation’s history.

Within our comprehensive report, you will receive exclusive information regarding Barack Obama’s past, as well as information regarding another well known political figure. While we still can’t say for sure who the antichrist will be, he does paint a shockingly accurate portrait of the man prophesied in the Bible. As the New World Order scheme continually fleshes out, it is more important than ever that you arm yourself with the knowledge contained in our report.

When you get this eBook on our site, http://www.theantichristidentity.com, you will also gain access to our newsletter which will provide you with continual information seeking to answer the question of who is the antichrist.

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