Why Does the Mayan Calendar End in 2012

The Maya are rock stars. Today we see them as great astronomers and seers into our future, resulting from their amazing knowledge of the stars and their ability to develop a solar calendar that is actually slightly more accurate than our own (recall that ours is the Gregorian calendar, characterized by having a February 29 every fourth year, the so-called leap year). So why does the mayan calendar end in 2012?

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The popularity of the Maya has grown, most experts believe, because Jose Argiielles and Terrence McKenna evangelized the western world during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Since that time, there have been a slew of authors joining the cause. Nowadays, one needs an abacus (or better) to count the number of titles on the subject of 2012 and the Maya.

Perhaps the greatest debate between the experts centers on whether 2012 is in fact Doomsday or just a moment of human transformation. Were the Maya truly wise men - spiritual gurus whose advice we should take to heart? Did their methods warrant so much attention as they’ve received in the past two decades? Can we trust what they tell us about the future? More to the point, why did 2012 become the point of debate! Why does the Mayan calendar end in 2012?

From the research of John Major Jenkins, perhaps the most capable scholar of the 2012 authors popular today, it appears that the Maya operated with other calendars set to a different “clock” until they discerned that the Sun would “enter the dark rift” of the Milky Way at a future time. Their astronomical methodology correctly indicated that such an event is very rare. However, the symbolism of this event drove their decision to reset the long-count calendar and synchronize the other calendars accordingly.

To them, the dark rift was an opening to the underworld. When the Sun aligns with this spot and blocks the earth from its supposed influence, something dark and foreboding will happen. Is it possible1 that the Maya thought the Sun would slip into the dark rift and cease supplying its life-giving energy?

Today’s interpreters suppose there is an energy emanating from the galactic center and our disconnect with this power source is the trigger that sets 2012 planetary behaviors into motion - whatever those actions finally prove to be.

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Whether or not this is the case, it does appear that the moment is unique. The Maya recognized this eclipse happened only once every 26,000 years (precisely, 25,630). Adjusting their calendars accordingly, the Ha’ab (solar), the Tzolk’in (sacred), the Calendar Round (synchronizing lunar and solar calendars every 52 years), with this long-count calendar of 5,126 years (and its great cycle of about 26,000 years), they determined this auspicious event would occur (on our Gregorian calendar date) of December 21, 2012.

Jenkins believes that Maya created the long count calendar based specifically upon the knowledge of precession (the spinning of the earth’s axis one time around, which is the cause for this 26,000 year cycle). This learning grew in part from knowledge already cultivated through the Olmecs (predecessors to the Maya) plus additional Mayan observation thereafter for at least another 200 years.

Jenkins estimates that the Maya completed resetting the long count calendar around 250 BC. Created in 37 BC, the oldest, extant stele which used the long count dates is about 2,000 years old1. As one would guess, most of these stone pillars are weathered to the point that finding any older legible stele is highly unlikely.

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